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About Prodigy Painting Services

Bring Color Into Your Life

Here at Prodigy Painting Services, located in Ocala, Florida, we take our name seriously. Our prodigal painters guarantee you top notch quality every single time, working with you to ensure you are totally satisfied with our painting services. We go the extra mile, dotting our i’s and crossing our t’s in a way that other service providers won’t do. Call us old fashioned, it’s how we like to run our business here.

All of our paints, painters, and equipment materials are carefully curated and selected to reflect our top quality promises here at Prodigy Painting Services.  We want to work with you, and make our reliable painting services as accessible as possible. That’s our Prodigy Painting Services guarantee.

Our Guarantee
We take immense pride in our painting contractor business and the painting services we provide our clients. We strive to over please and rise above the rest. If you need a job that involves pressure washing the driveway, or painting the shutters after it wasn’t budgeted, we’ll do it anyway. We take time to strategize and plan for each and every job, putting extra effort into analyzing and custom preparing for the task at hand so you receive the kind of professional support and attention you need. No two painting jobs are the same, and no one understands us better than that. We guarantee total professional investment in your commercial or house painting until it’s perfectly completed.

Our Team
Our painters come with award-winning customer service, in addition to their expert and industry tested painting skills. Each and every one of our painters uphold our company values, totally pouring themselves into every single custom tailored paint project. Clean and pristine in presentation, our team members show up to every project in our bright red shirts, deviating from the traditional white shirt approach. Friendly, cheerful, pragmatic, and energetic, our team is ready to deliver whatever you need, 7-days per week.

Our Values
We safeguard integrity, transparency, and sophistication in all of our residential and commercial painting projects. We keep you updated every step of the way, working overtime for each custom project. Most of all, we prioritize sophistication in our finished product, giving a facelift to your home or commercial establishment.